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I'm a Software Developer since 2013.

My main fields are Android, Kotlin and Backend development, but I like exploring new things to have a bit of knowledge in a lot of different part of CS and Software Development.

The aim of this website is to have a single place where all my professional work can be found.

Recent Posts

Turning a Camera Feed into a Solved Sudoku

2020-08-12 machine learning programming android mlkit sudoku

An introduction to a simple application that uses ML Kit & maths to create an augmented reality sudoku solver Read More

RenderScript is Still alive

2020-02-29 android programming android renderscript parallelism

RenderScript is a great way to compute large amount of data, so let's discover together what it is and when should it be considered. Read More

gRPC for Kotliners

2019-11-14 android kotlin talks kotlin android grpc

gRPC is a worthy alternative for REST, let's explore together what it is and how to use it as a Kotlin developer. Read More


2019-11-11 kotlin programming kotlin annotation kapt

Annotations are extremely versatile especially if we write our own processor to overcharge our development. Learn how to write one in Kotlin. Read More

Help Yourself and the Compiler with Contracts

2019-03-21 kotlin programming kotlin contracts

In the world of Kotlin, contracts represent a deal between the developer and the compiler. As a developer you can share insight of your code with the compiler and it can use this extra info for better code analysis. Read More